Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why go vegan? - From a 9 Year Old

This post was written by my brother Eddy about why to go vegan.

My name is Eddy I am 9 years old and I will tell you why you should go vegan.

Did you know, every picture of animals being happy on a meat/milk/egg/fish product is not true if you were one of these animals you would be screaming "help help" and if pictures of animals were real then you would see a very very sad cow/pig/chicken/fish.

Did you know eating a egg is like eating the male chicks that die because they're no use in the egg industry so they are killed just after they are hatched. :(

Did you know more then ten million animals are killed every day for us to EAT?

Did you know milk from cows is meant for the baby cows not humans and furthermore most of the male baby cows DIE because they're not needed just because they don't make milk.

Did you know dairy industries say dairy for life just so people will buy more stuff dairy or more meat.

Did you know honey is really bees VOMIT and that bees don't make it for us they make it for the nest and the baby bees?

You can't make every one happy but you can make animals happy by being VEGAN.

So get your friends and give it a go.

Here's some of the food we eat.

Macaroni and cheese (made out of chickpeas)

Vegetarian sausages

Soy milk


Chocolate fudge/cake/muffins

Vegan food is really yummy.

If you search vegan recipes on Google you can find lots of yummy vegan recipes

Well that's all from me for now I really hope this makes you want to be vegan.
goodbye. :)

"They're all vegans. And you?"

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