Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Please Adopt Me

I sit here in this cage right now
Wondering where I went wrong
Why have my family left me?
Where have they gone?

I am trapped in this scary place
Not knowing what will happen to me
I see many other dogs in here
All begging to be free.

I have so much love to give
If only someone would give me a chance
Many people pass me by
But they don't give a second glance

I am waiting for someone
Someone like you
To come and free me from this terrible place
If you don't come, I don't know what I would do.

Please, if you're out there
Don't breed, don't buy
Please someone adopt me
I don't want to die.

Billions of healthy animals are killed in shelters simply because they can't find a home. Please adopt. Save a life. It would mean the whole world to that animal. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Promoting Veganism at Unitec

Well - I think it's about time I wrote about how my Pecha Kucha which I mentioned in my previous post went. So here a-goes :)

This assessment was one I wasn't particularly looking forward to. I've never, ever done a speech before. What to say? How to say it? 10 slides. 20 seconds speaking during each slide. 3 minutes 20 for the whole presentation. I wrote a script for myself to memorise and I went over my presentation over and over and over again. Boy was it hard to fit all that I wanted to say into that short amount of time I had to speak! I did a presentation on why I went vegan - my story of the goat farm (If you haven't already heard my story, you can listen to the podcast episode HERE).

It went really well! I had my lines memorised well and didn't stuff up at all, and I felt I really got my message across. Before the presentation, I handed out the Boston Vegan Association pamphlets to my classmates and the teachers. Then after the presentation, I handed out slices of yummy vegan chocolate cake!

3 layer chocolate cake! 

I ate way too much vegan cake that day. I got to finish off all the leftover pieces.. :-)

I like it when I have the opportunity to show people how delicious vegan food can be. Today, our Telling Stories class had a shared lunch. I made spaghetti and chickpea balls -

I made heaps! Very cheap to make, especially when you get a packet of spaghetti free from your raw flatmates :-) I'm happy everyone enjoyed my food. A couple of people brought along some vegetable dishes for me to eat, so that was nice of them. 

My classmates constantly ask me questions about being vegan, which I happily respond to. I'm glad that they're curious about it. Even though I don't think any of them will go vegan any time soon, at least I have them thinking about it. That's the first step. 

I will continue to promote veganism at my school in whatever ways I can. Just to get the message out there. Whether people listen or not, it's up to them. But I will never, ever stop speaking up for the animals. 

Not until every slave has been set free.