Thursday, February 23, 2012

Podcast Ep1: Activism and the Message We Want to Send

Listen/Download HERE 

Welcome to the first episode of the new Peaceful Abolitionist Podcast!

This episode talks about activism and why it's so important we always promote veganism, and never compromise our message.

Thanks for listening :)


  1. Thanks for the podcast. It was a nice start!

    P.S. it would be useful to include ID3 tags into mp3 files ;-)

  2. Hi Emmy, my name is Bruno, I found your blog while looking something up.

    I listened to your recording and read some of your posts, they were ok, but I felt like there was something missing. Passion, emotions, or something that engages more to the readers or listeners. something that makes them think.

    I agree 100% with almost everything you said, I know veganism is the way. It's just common sense for me. The content is great, but there was something about the way it was communicated, that left me expecting something else. You know communication is not only about the words you use, but about how you use them.

    Some entries i felt like i was reading wikipedia: informative but lifeless.

    And I don't think it's right to attack other vegans because they only agree with you 95% and not 100%.

    As for myself I like to take a different approach to "turning" people into veganism. I'm more into teaching by example, so I will try myself to be the best I can be, in every sense. And then when people ask me "how did I outsmart/outrun them so easily?" or "how come I'm so fit and never get sick?" or "why are you so happy always?" then I will tell them my little secret, and tell them about veganism. So I wouldn't mention it unless they ask.
    If I mention it, they see it like i think i'm better than them and want to impose my way of living on them, or like i'm an extremist of some kind.

    I don't know you, so i think can give some objective feedback, that so many times i wish I had myself for my writings.

    hope it helped somehow and keep writing :)

  3. Hi Emmy!
    Great Podcast!
    I love that photo, and that's a super cool pleather jacket, whoever it belongs to! Keep going and never wait till people ask to promote veganism! Besides, people don't have to listen to your podcast or read your stuff so it's not like you're forcing anyone to listen or impose your way of living on anyone.
    Best of luck!

    Clare Wu