Monday, July 4, 2011

It's about them, not me

Many ask me why I'm vegan.

Well I will tell you.

It's not because it's healthier.

That's just an added bonus.

I don't care if vegans do or do not live longer than meat eaters.

And it's not about whether I find it hard or easy.

Or expensive or cheap.

I am vegan not for me, or you.

I am vegan for them.

The billions of innocent creatures who are slaughtered for human pleasure.

I seek to end all animal use.

That is why I am vegan.

It's about them, not me.


  1. Beautiful poem, I love the message it gives.

  2. Excellent. Beautifully said. My reasons also. ; )

  3. Well said . . .A very nice philosophical and moral position. That said, I must let you know that I am a omnivore. Now that being out there, I don't have any problem with people who choose to be Vegans. Why would I? It would be morally contradictory for me to judge another human being based on whether or not they eat only vegetation as their diet.

    I have known several vegans in my life, or at least that's what they told me they were. You are only the second person that I heard express your abstinence based solely on what seems to be a moral foundation, and the health reasons are secondary.

    I, did then and I do now, find your position very interesting.

    I would like to pursue further conversation with you, and any others with similar rationale like Emmy from New Zealand.

    So, I would like to start off with an assumption and question. Assuming a steer is at the topmost level of a moral driven vegan's forbidden food pyramid, where does this vegan draw the line at the bottom and it no longer becomes immoral to consume a living creature, or its byproducts, for energy input?

  4. same here, I wouldn't eat mean even if it was healthy