Thursday, June 23, 2011

My new short film and radio show

Hi everyone,

It's been a busy few months for me - I've been working hard on a new animated movie for the Possible Futures Film Contest. It's about a positive possible future, where there's no wars, no violence, no world hunger, a future I'm sure we all want!

It was a very time-consuming animation. First I filmed my sister doing the things in the script. Then I uploaded the films onto Adobe Flash and traced over them. Some were drawn frame-by-frame, others I was rushing on and drew every second frame. I almost didn't get it done on time! But I put in the long hours, worked hard, and managed to get it finished on time, as I always do with my films :-) I really like how the animation turned out.

A still picture from the film.
Click here to watch the film. Voting starts 28th of June!

In other news, the Vegan for Life radio show will be starting soon!

I've been hard at work with that as well. It's starting on Wednesday 29th of June at 3:30pm. I've just put up a website for it -, and you can also "like" Vegan for Life radio on Facebook here.

I enjoy hosting a radio show, and I hope to continue doing it for a while. It's a bit different from doing the VFL podcast, since you're in a radio station, with professional microphones, using professional editing software, and there's no siblings coming in and making noise when you're trying to record!

I love working on new projects. I'm already planning my next exciting project - a documentary this time, but more info on that later on ;-)

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